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Photo Uploads

Please submit two digital photos. Directors want real photos nowadays so professional headshots cannot be accepted. Your photos must be shot against a white background. Please let the photos depict your type. For instance, if you are young, hip and trendy, then take a photo showing that. If you are an upscale or business type man or woman, then make sure you wear a suit.

If you feel you fit into “two looks” please make sure your two photos reflect this (for example; one suit and one young and hip) but make sure you do not submit more than two photos, If you fit only one “type” category, then both photos should depict this type.

You should be facing the camera for both photos. The photos should be taken facing the camera, from the waist up. Please do not submit side profile picture. Only front facing photos will be accepted. Please try not to be too expressive in the picture. Just a normal expression on your face will be most helpful when we cast. Please do not wear a hat or sunglasses. Do not use any props in the photos.

Examples of ideal photos