Sande Alessi Casting was founded 15 years ago with the idea that the best artists in film and television deserve the very best background actors for their projects.

Rather than sending generic bodies like a cattle call to hit a quota, Sande Alessi Casting prides itself on finding the perfect person for each and every spot, helping directors and producers create distinct, amazing palettes for their shows.

Our company made its reputation by finding background actors that others could not.

  • When Steven Spielberg wanted Hasidic Jews who played soccer, we found them in a day.
  • When Gore Verbinski needed each and every pirate to look unique for Pirates of the Carribean, we scoured islands by schooner, canoe and Jet-ski to book them.
  • When David Fincher has to nail down a time period in his films, we go through thousands of pictures to achieve his vision.

To give production companies the highest quality background actors, we have seen thousands of beautiful women for Entourage, hundreds of characters for dead bodies on Six Feet Under, swingers of all shapes and sizes for Austin Powers, and have worked all night on locations to be ready to check-in huge waves of people at first light.

Sande Alessi Casting books the best for the best in the business.
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