Confirming and Cancellation Policy

Confirming and Cancellation Policy

Please take note of our cancellation policy. We take this very seriously. If you accept a job from us you MUST commit to it. We expect you to show up on time, with the proper wardrobe and attitude. It is our responsibility to provide you with information to get you to set. We do our job well and that’s why we have earned an excellent reputation in the business. This reputation enables us to offer the best projects for you to work on. We are considerate and responsible, and we need you to have the same work ethic so that we can continue to book you on our projects. If you do not comply, by canceling or failing to have a good work ethic on set, or are late, please know that we do take note and it will affect your future bookings.

Hours of confirming are from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, if you do not confirm for your booking within that time frame you will be replaced.

Our emergency line is the voicemail number that you are given for the show that you are booked on. Each night the casting directors check your confirmations. That is why it is pertinent that you communicate with us via the voicemail number you are given when you are booked.

Please call the hotline number when you are available for work. We may change it several times a day depending on what we are casting. Sometimes we call you directly or submit your pictures from our database for approval from Directors that we are working with. Depending on the project, it is likely that the background is “picture picked” solely by the Director and we have no say as to whom we cast. We never know what types of people we need to cast because each project is different.