After you register

Our hotline is updated several times daily. We announce what shows we are casting, what types we are looking for and what day they will work. Also, please find us on Facebook at Sande Alessi Casting to receive casting updates throughout the day.

Have a paper and pen ready. Please never call us without a pen.

If you fit the bill and are available, you will be directed to another voicemail to leave us a message. Please speak slowly and clearly and leave your name and phone number and spell your name so we can locate your photo in our database.

We either submit your photo to production OR we will just choose you ourselves. Please think of how you look in your registration photo…this is your tool to get booked. Make sure it’s a good representation of you. If you have multiple photos in our database, we will choose the most appropriate one for the role.

If you are told that you are not quite we are looking for… please don’t take it personally and try calling the hotline later in the day for more available roles.

If you get the job, you will receive a call from our office and be given a phone number and day and time to call it. This means that you are booked and will be expected to call in for your call time and work information. It is very important that you write this information down and call at the specific time that you were given. Work information is usually recorded and released at 5pm for the next day and you should call in between the hours or 5pm and 7pm.

Please do not call in late!

Please write all of this information down. You will need the name of the show you are booked on, the casting director’s name that booked you, where and when to report, to whom you report, directions, wardrobe information and any special instructions regarding hair, makeup, etc.

The jobs are typically for the next business day or you will get a call a few days before your work date. Productions usually work Mondays through Fridays with a very small chance of work on weekends. Rush calls
 are for the same-day work of receiving the call. When you respond to a rush call, know that you will be required to get to the set location within an hour or less after being booked.

Most the work offered by casting is obtained by our calling or texting you… Please also friend our Facebook pages to receive casting notices throughout the day. We also post notices on Extras Access and Actors Access through Breakdown Services.

Leave the house with enough time to get to the location early – allowing for any problems that may arise. We do not accept “traffic” as an excuse for lateness. If you are late, you will be replaced and your file will be noted.

When you get to the set, check-in with the assistant director (A.D.) or the coordinator and get your voucher.  The voucher is your paycheck, so get it and hold on to it until the end of the day, unless wardrobe or props needs it in exchange for an item. In that case they will give it back to you at the end of the day. Always write your full social security number on your voucher. If your voucher is not complete, the payroll company cannot pay you. You must sign your voucher or you will not be paid. Always write legibly or your paycheck will be delayed.

Always show up “camera ready” – This means: dressed, hair and make up ready, and prepared to go to work. 

Be prepared to stay on the set until you are released.  (You may be on the set for a couple of hours or may be there for more than 12 hours).

Listen and follow all instructions given to you on the set. 

Bring a pen. 

You must arrive with all of your wardrobe selections neatly hung on hangars. This is expected of you when you are booked on our jobs.

It is advisable and appreciated to bring voluntary selections of wardrobe to the set.

You must advise us immediately by e-mail if you have change in phone number – if we cannot find you because of a disconnected phone number, you will be deleted from our system. To update please contact us at

You must update your photograph immediately if you change your look dramatically or change your hair color. We do not want to find out when you are already on set and found to be inappropriate for a scene. This is your responsibility and will be accountable for any actions that are taken when you arrive to set. We take this issue very seriously. Also, please update your photo at least once every year or two. Your new updated photo is moved up in our system and will come up in searches earlier than a very old photograph. Casting Directors will see that you updated and know that you are currently available and interested in working.

Never replace yourself.  If you must cancel call the emergency number which is the number given to you by the casting director for your work information. Begin the message by saying the word “cancellation or emergency” if not, the casting director may hear only your name and confirm you instead of canceling you. This is your responsibility.

If you are SAG and have ACCEPTED non-union work, you will be given a non-union voucher.  Refusal to work a job as agreed upon by you may cause disruption and delay for a production company and may result in termination from Sande Alessi Casting. You should always confirm that the job being offered to you is union if you are a card carrying union member. This is your responsibility.

Please make your answering machine messages as short and clear as possible.  Casting directors are very busy and don’t have time to listen to a long message and a song. 

When you are booked on a show – it is a job.  You must on time, responsible and professional.

Please become familiar with or use a GPS device

Important Numbers

Registration Questions
Monday - Friday 11-3
(818) 907-9799
Registration Info Line
(818) 623-7040